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Membership rates are:

Adults  £20

Senior Citizens   £20


Prices are as above regardless of how much of the current membership year is remaining.

Members over 80 years of age, with 5 years consecutive membership can become life members.

Memberships are due for renewal as at 1st January.

Membership entitles you to great discounts off drinks and snacks, for example up to 60p off a pint of draft beer/cider (excludes Happy Hours and some promotional items)


The Committee

Chairman - Harry Race

Treasurer - Andy Templeman

Secretary - Susan Coppack

President - Michael Corps

Committee Member - Adam Taylor

Committee Member - Dale Haworth

Committee Member - Mick Russell


Complaints Procedure

If any members have any concerns, comments or complaints, please rest assured that these shall be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

To ensure this confidentiality is adhered to, then initially these should be put in writing and sent to the secretary’s address who will call a meeting with the committee members. You may attend the meeting to strengthen your concerns if you wish. Once all points have been put forward then the committee will put proceedings into place to follow this through. You will be kept updated on progress.

Club Secretary

Mrs Susan Coppack
5 Bridge Close
BB4 9SN.

Tel: 07766 448854

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